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Having fled the Big Apple for a slower pace and warmer climate, Josh settled in Sydney ... and life was good. 

As a North Shore native with an American-sized appetite for success and adventure, Kurt dreamed of a life in the city that never slept.

Big business brought them together - Josh was the travel editor and Kurt the marketing manager at ninemsn - but two floors kept them apart for years.

Furtive glances at company functions led to a first liaison out-of-office (Kurt knew it was a date ... Josh didn't get that memo). And by the time they'd picnic'd in the Domain and at the beach, sunk suds at the Green Park and discovered a hideaway on floor 6.5 at Australia Square, it was love.

Unfortunately, a few months prior, Josh signed up to live aboard a round-the-world cruise ship. But love, it turns out, can conquer distance (by way of frequent flier miles); their globe-trotting romance blossomed in Cape Town, Saigon, Hong Kong, Miami, New York and Phoenix that year. And upon their return 'home,' a new challenge faced the couple ... a letter from Uncle Sam was waiting for Kurt, urging him to move to the US in a matter of months to activate a Green Card.

They skipped a few steps (like living together, or at least in the same time zone for a long spell), sold off their stuff and scooted (back?) to Manhattan to start a life together.

Separation (again!) during Superstorm Sandy (Kurt in a 10th floor walk-up without running water or electricity, Josh in a suite at the Sanderson in London) led them both to the conclusion they were meant to be together, forever. Upon his return, to find a hundred candles lighting that familiar picnic blanket on the living-room floor and his fave bottle of wine, Josh asked Kurt to be his mister. And with Josh's birthday just a week away, Kurt pulled out what was meant to be a Joshmas gift - a little blue box containing a ring. Synergy.

The couple is thrilled to celebrate their union on the same weekend in both their countries, adopted and inherited.

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